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Article 27 GDPR Representative Service
for any business size


Small and medium enterprises

Large enterprises

Appoint your European Representative
in 5 easy steps right now

We discuss the overall state of your GDPR compliance and shape our services according to your internal business processes. Our legal experts individually answer all your questions.

We set up your account and customized contact details, including an email as well as an EU postal address for secure receipt of official documents and customer requests in the EU.

We guide you through the necessary privacy policy amendments in compliance with the requirements for GDPR transparency, EU-US Privacy Shield applications and ICO registrations.

We provide templates and support you with drafting the necessary compliance documents under Article 30 GDPR. In case of official investigations, we closely cooperate with you to mitigate legal risks.

We review and forward to you any incoming inquiries such as SARs, service of process, and official letters. Our support is always there for you if any GDPR compliance or litigation issue arises.

UK GDPR Representative
covered after Brexit

The United Kingdom has left the European Union but EU laws continue to apply in the UK until the end of 2020 due to a transitional arrangement. From 2021 on, companies doing business with the UK will be required to appoint a separate representative in the UK.

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Our service as your
European Authorised Representative

  • Full compliance with GDPR EU Representative requirement
  • Customized EU contact details to be published in your privacy policies
  • Receipt of inquiries by data subjects and supervisory authorities on your behalf, often with legal effect for your company
  • Initial legal risk check and immediate distribution of incoming inquiries
  • Templates and support for completing compliance documents (Art. 30 GDPR)
  • Access to privacy professionals network in case of legal proceedings or any other GDPR compliance matter, if required


Benefit from one-stop-shop
for security incident reporting
under the EU GDPR.


Demonstrate your GDPR
compliance to the public and
your potential customers.


Our legal experts keep track of new legal requirements to ensure that your business is always in compliance.


EU-REP.Global was founded
by experienced privacy experts
in the European Union.


No surprises, no set-up or
additional consulting fees.
Fixed package pricing.


Compliance matters can be pricy.
We keep our services as lean as
possible to keep fees low.

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