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Our team has long-term experience with data protection laws at a global scale. We are located in Germany, which is one of the most important privacy hubs in the EU.

We are your gateway to EU GDPR compliance: proactive, responsive and lean. And if your business ever faces serious legal privacy risks, you can count on us to be there.


Demonstrate your GDPR
compliance to the public and
your potential customers.


Benefit from one-stop-shop
for security incident reporting
under the EU GDPR.


EU-REP.Global was founded
by experienced privacy experts
in the European Union.


Our legal experts keep track of new
legal requirements to ensure that your
business is always in compliance.


Compliance matters can be pricy.
We keep our services as lean as
possible to keep fees low.


No surprises, no set-up or
additional consulting fees.
Fixed package pricing.