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  • Effortless data protection compliance in the UK, while we handle legal authorities and all your relevant duties
  • Enhance your business efficiency by selecting a UK representative

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The advantages of having an UK representative

Our UK representative acts as your central interface with both data subjects and UK regulators. This role ensures that your company meets all the requirements of UK data protection law. The representative will have a legal mandate, maintain a register of data processing activities and have a localised office in the UK.

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Streamlined compliance

We simplify the complex landscape of UK data protection for you by being your key contact for data subjects and regulators, ensuring complete compliance with all applicable laws.

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Simplified data protection navigation

Traversing the UK GDPR can be daunting. We diligently document all your organization’s data processing endeavours, in line with the UK GDPR.

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Improve business efficiency

We'll take on all GDPR-related responsibilities on your behalf, including communicating with regulators and filing the necessary documentation.

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UK Representative

Why your business needs a UK representative

Post-Brexit, businesses outside the UK will need to designate a UK representative if they provide goods or services to UK residents. This is particularly important in the context of the UK's GDPR and the 2018 Data Protection Act. Exceptions to this rule are rare and narrow in scope.

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How to select the most appropriate UK representative for your business?

The selection of a UK representative should be made carefully, taking into account their level of expertise, adaptability to regulatory changes and familiarity with UK-specific regulations. Comprehensive coverage, proactive adaptability and country-specific knowledge are essential.

Key requirements for appointing a UK representative

  • The UK representative must be based within the United Kingdom.
  • A legal mandate is essential to appoint the representative.
  • Record-keeping in line with UK GDPR Article 30 is mandatory.
  • The representative must be authorized to act on behalf of your non-UK based company.

Please note

Although there are limited exceptions to the requirement to appoint a UK representative, these are rarely applicable. Specific criteria, such as infrequent data processing that poses a minimal risk to the rights of individuals, must also be met for a non-UK company to be exempt.

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