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Showcase your brand's privacy commitment to EU customers.
Benefit from one-stop shop for security incident reporting.
Avoid massive legal risks under the GDPR.


Find out if you need an EU GDPR REP


Compliance solutions for

Art. 27 GDPR requirement

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has a broad scope of application and affects almost any company doing business with the EU: retailers delivering goods to the EU, websites using marketing cookies, app providers making their services available for EU customers and many more - even if provided free of charge. 
Most of those companies without any establishment in the European Union are required to appoint an EU representative pursuant to Article 27 GDPR. We help companies to ensure effective risk mitigation, without straining more of your precious internal ressources than necessary. 
Compliance is a matter of trust, and our long-term experience in data protection with a strong international focus
helps us to meet your individual demands. We are located in Germany, one of the most important compliance hubs in the EU.

Does the GDPR apply to my industry?


Benefit from one-stop-shop
for security incident reporting
under the EU GDPR.


Demonstrate your GDPR
compliance to the public and
your potential customers.


Our legal experts keep track of new legal requirements to ensure that your business is always in compliance.


EU-REP.Global was founded
by experienced privacy experts
in the European Union.


No surprises, no set-up or
additional consulting fees.
Fixed package pricing.


Compliance matters can be pricy.
We keep our services as lean as
possible to keep fees low.

EU representative service for any business size -

ensuring full compliance with Art. 27 GDPR