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Password security

GDPR Compliance: Checklist for User Password Security

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires web service providers to implement technical and organizational requirements for data security when offering login areas for their users. German data protection supervisory authorities have issued guidance on how to secure passwords.

Identity check

Identity Check: Avoiding Abusive GDPR Requests

GDPR rights aim to ensure transparency of data processing, and to enable individuals to have a say in which information on them is stored. Replies to related requests may contain sensitive information, if not a copy of all data retained. If, for example, an access request is faked by someone...

Data security

Data Security: A Major Pitfall in GDPR Compliance

Data breaches often trigger administrative investigations as well as attention by the media, making data security to one of the major pitfalls for companies when it comes to GDPR compliance. We will explain strategic approaches to risk mitigation in data security in this article. Another aspect is...


GDPR Updates for non-EU companies

Are you compliant with the GDPR?

Under Art. 27 of the GDPR, many non-EU companies must appoint an EU GDPR Privacy Representative. To find out now if your company is subject to this obligation

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Who is EU-REP.Global?

We are data protection service provider based in Germany, focused on compliance services under the EU General Data Protection Regulation. If you want to know more,

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