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Slovakian data protection compared to the GDPR

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General overview

Slovakia has incorporated the majority of GDPR regulations into its national data protection law. This approach provides the advantage that every data controller (including those conducting data processing operations outside the scope of the GDPR) can rely on the same legal regime.

GDPR opening clauses

Slovakia has established national regulations for the processing of data concerning minors, data processing for journalistic purposes, and data processing for scientific research.

Key differences and national specifics

Specific data protection laws and official guidelines

Slovakia has specific data protection laws and official guidelines. These provide detailed information and guidance for compliance with data protection provisions in Slovakia.

Data subject rights

Data subject rights in Slovakia are extensively regulated. Companies should ensure that they respect these rights and adequately inform data subjects.

Records of processing activities

Slovakia has regulations concerning records of processing activities. Companies should ensure compliance with these regulations and maintain appropriate records.

Compliance with the GDPR

Slovakia has extensively incorporated the GDPR into its national law, making it easier for companies operating in Slovakia to comply with GDPR provisions.

National regulations

While Slovakia has adopted many GDPR provisions, there are also some national specifics. Companies should be aware of these and ensure compliance with all relevant data protection provisions.


Slovakia has adopted many GDPR guidelines into its national data protection law but has also introduced some national peculiarities. Companies operating in Slovakia or conducting business with Slovak citizens should ensure that they fully understand and comply with both the GDPR and Slovak data protection law.